Morocco  Camel Trekking is the best Morocco Activity

Morocco Camel Trekking in the Ergs of Morocco with a Desert Guide The most accessible Ergs (sand seas) in Morocco are the Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga. Both sand seas are accessible in a vehicle, albeit with a long drive from Marrakech and Fes, however visiting the Sahara is the highlight of many Moroccan excursions. Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga Mhamid are the best desert regions for camel trekking with a desert guide to sleep under the stars in a nomad-tented camp.

The guides will prepare the tents and typical meals as well as the sand bread. The camel trek duration is in the average of : 3 hours morning and idem afternoon. Camel trek can take from 1 till 10 days and can be organized for one person as well as several people.

Customize your itinerary, we belive in detail planning we offer Morocco camel trekking in Erg Chabbi, Erg Chegaga and Ouzina Desert starting from 1 night to 15 days

1 night in Desert dunes:

One night Sahara Erg Chabbi desert dunes; this trip start when you arrive to the Riad near the dunes where you will riding the camel towards the camp

In the middle of dunes. Enjoying sunset in golden dunes after that will arrive to the camp where you can have a hot shower and dinner too, enjoying music. You have the opportunity to immersing your self in starry sky. If you weak up early you can enjoy the magical sunrise view where the shadow play in golden sand dunes, breakfast after sunrise also you can have shower before you riding the camel again back to the riad.

Morocco  Camel Trekking is the best Morocco Activity.

2 nights depend your arrival.

First day:

This tour start from the small Riad where you leave your car. The camels packed the food and your luggage too. You will a crossing the river small dunes towards Barber family where you have to spend the night it’s your occasion to discover Nomad lifestyle. Almost of time our service offer Couscos in the dinner ( option vegetarian Couscos too) expect if someone no eat Couscos.

Second day:

Next morning after sunrise and breakfast you packed the camel again towards our camp in the middle of golden dunes a crossing many dunes before stopping to have a lunch in small Oasis, after lunch you will climbing the big dunes to discover the Sahara magical and sunset too. (If you interesting to sand-boarding you can enjoy it near the camp) before you arrive to the camp where you can have a hot shower and dinner .

3th day:

After seeing the amazing sunrise and enjoying your breakfast up dunes than  you riding a camel back to the Riad.

6 days trekking in Erg Chegaga


Chegaga Aventure organises private trekking tour in Sahara desert. After Breakfast, we begin marching in the Mehari  passing along the ancient kasbahs of the palmeraie, we stop for lunch under the shadows of the tamarisk, take a little nap and continue our march around 4pm to reach Sidi Naji, where lays the tomb of an ancient marabout, that became a pilgrimage destination for nomads. We set our bivouac and a fire and start the night fiesta in the desert.


We cross the Reg Bousnina, and stop along the way for lunch in a beautiful spot, the scenery changes every couple of hours, in the evening we reach the immense dunes of Zahar that go high up to 200 meters. On top of these majestic dunes, we dominate the whole sand sea around us. There, we can admire a spectacular sunset and enjoy a sky with infinite stars. Bivouac, animation and sand bread.


We cross the valley of Draa, have lunch near a well to profit from the freshness and take a short nap, then continue towards Erg Smar where we set the bivouac for the night.


We cross Erg Sidra Reg to reach the immense dunes of Chegaga where you can appreciate a majestic sunset and admire the sand sea.


Morning the in middle of the golden dunes and sand games, we walk until the biggest dune Abidlia. After lunch, we start our journey back to the village of M’hamid going through Oued Laatache where we spend the night.


We cross the Hamada of Draa ascending the valley to reach M’hamid in the evening. Night in the Camp.

Best Morocco Activity